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Progress Update 2017-12-17

Update 2017-12-17:

Printing continues apace.  Main body base ring and main body ring 1 printed for both droids.  Main Dome for R2-Q2 printed.  Currently printing main body ring 2, up to Part 9 for each droid.

Approximate progress gauge:

Droid Progress O Meter - 2017-12-17.png

Progress in Blue

Potential data panel modification.  We like the modified data panels produced by xxxxxxx, in particular the ability to have USB and HDMI ports.  Michael is kind enough to allow modifications to his designs, so I’ve modified his data panel to incorporate keystone receptacles:


I am currently planning to have USB and HDMI, although there are many different keystones available.  By incorporating them into the design, it looks like it may be possible to have usable ports without visible screws.  The trade-off is space, the keystones are taller and a bit thicker than the current wall, so I think I can only fit two in.  I’ll know for sure once the data panel light kit arrives and I do a test fit.


Sorry, as pictured, the panels are upside down.

Original Panel

Original Panel

Modified Panel

Modified Panel

Now with HDMI!

Now with HDMI!

We’ve also begun putting together the preliminary electronics list:

R-Series Logic Engines, Link:

Slip Ring Adapters,  Link:

V.A.D.E.R. PSI Electronics multi color leds, Link:

Data Port Logics (DPL),  Link:

Flthy Holo Projectors and Servos, multicolored led.  Link:

MagTag Magnetic Dome Connectors, Link:

Mowee’s Compact Marcduino v1.5; BC Approved Continuous: [$Various] (Jan 2017) {Open} - Need 1 Master (runs dome servos) and 1 Slave (runs HP servos and Teeces).  Order Link:                                          Support Link:

Mowee’s PSI Only Breakout Kits,  Link:

XBee WiFi Module S6B w/ RP-SMA Connector

2.4GHz Antenna RP-SMA

SparkFun XBee Explorer Dongle is used to program the S6B or WiFly if you use that instead.

SparkFun XBee Explorer Regulated is used to hook the module to the Marcduino.

MP3 Trigger

A 9 AMP % volt regulator

S.H.A.D.O.W. System.  Support Thread:

Sony PS3 "mini" Navigation Controller.

Arduino MEGA ADK R3 for Android (or clone)

Class 1 CSR 4.0 USB Bluetooth Dongle

SyRen 10v2 regenerative motor driver

Sabertooth dual 32A motor driver or Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver

Pyle PSWNV480 480 Watt 24V to 12V Converter (or similar)

Pyle PLMPA35 2-Channel 300-Watt Mini Amplifier (or similar)

Pyle PLGI35T Ground Loop Isolator (or similar)


Sean Lavigne